Monday, May 4, 2009

Guerilla Marketing Basics

Guerilla Marketing
No one can deny that guerilla marketing is an effective marketing technique and it works wonders for big businesses and small businesses alike. But it is mostly usefull for small businesses with a smaller marketing budget, simply because of the nature of this marketing technique.

Instead of having a big marketing budget and spending allot of money to get your marketing message to the public and to all your potential customers, this marketing technique uses, most of all, time and imagination.

This is a unique marketing technique because potential customers are usually targeted in unexpected places and the marketing message is spread thru unexpected methods. Basically your imagination is the only boundary to the success of this marketing technique.

A guerilla marketing campaign does not reach as many potential customers as a regular marketing campaign but it has the potential of creating "buzz", making the message memorable, intriguing and even making it spread virally.

Off the internet we can find the classic example of the T-shirt marketing strategy. People wearing branded t-shirts are a classic example of a guerilla marketing campaign. But as I told you, your imagination is the only barrier. There are lots of ways to take the message to your potential customers, like graffiti, bumper stickers, or just a marketing message on a tissue paper in a bar or something like that.

But think about it a bit, you go in a bar drink a beer, leave a couple of tissues on the table with your message, and people who see it will become intrigued and maybe become your customers.
Personally I have had some success with this idea. But I will be talking about it later in greater detail and give it as a guerilla marketing example.( Update: Guerilla Marketing Idea #1: Napkin Message)

The same strategy can be used in the internet environment. In the chat rooms, shout boxes on forums and other websites and many other ways.

Also to keep the branded t-shirt example, I have found a few techniques that resemble wearing a t-shirt on the internet. I like to call this the "Internet T-shirt" or "E-shirt" for short.I will also be talking about this in a later post and I am going to show you the way to use the e-shirt marketing strategy.

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